Monday, December 15, 2014

Air meso

Air meso

The air compressor and gun of Air meso

*Air Meso is a specialized drug injector which can maximize drug effects.

*Air Meso is the only electric power-driven device available in Korea, and it enables anybody to inject PRP, PPC, HPL, HA, Scalp treatment drugs, and etc. easily.

The air compressor of Air meso

<Advantages of Air Meso>

*Drug Injection
-Any desired depth (0-13mm)
-Precise amount of drug (adjusted by 0.01ml)
-Minimal pain (air compressor type)
-100% delivered (drug protect lock – patented)
-Display the injected amount on “Continue” mode

-Developed to be easily used by anyone
-Easy operation just by pulling the trigger after easy settings for drugs

*Other advantages
-Less malfunctioning due to the use of air compressor (No use of a motor or battery)
-Minimal pain (rapid injections)
-Accurate amount and depth of the injections

-Very competitive price

The gun of Air meso
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