Friday, October 23, 2015

Sparkle Injector

 Sparkle Injector
Sparkle Injector is the smartest Multi-needle injector.
<Sparkle Injector gun>
Sparkle Injector is used for wrinkle improvement, whitening, hair loss and obesity treatment, and etc. Using a 9 pin needle, you can inject precise amount of substance at targeted area.
  <9 pin needle adopted in Sparkle Injector>
※Advantages of Sparkle Injector
1. Use of 9 pin needle shortened the procedure
2. Same amount of substance is injected through each needle
3. Designed to prevent remaining substance or blood to flow into the suction pipe of each injector
4. Programmed to inject substance according to remaining amount
5. Possible to control the power of suction
6. High viscosity substance can be injected.

 ※ Multi-needle comparison with other products

<Other companies' needle resulting in irregular injection of substances>

 ※ Multi-needle comparison with other products

 <Sparkle Injector adopted 9 pin needles resulting in regular injection of substances>

 ※ Clinical test
- Sparkle Injector vs. Competitor's injector
<Wound and bruises caused by Sparkle Injector 9 pin needle can hardly be seen. But typical 5 pin needle injector left clear wounds and bruises.>

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