Sunday, November 4, 2012

UNiStation - Basic Information

What is UNiStation?

UNiStation is a specially designed medical device for adipose derived stem cell isolation. Based on the demands of surgeons who would like to perform various autologous cell therapies, it adopted various autologous cell therapy functions, including adipose derived stem cell (ADSC) (=adipose derived regenerative cell (ADRC) = stromal vascular fraction (SVF)), platelet rich plasma (PRP), platelet rich fibrin (PRF).

UNiStation is the utmost updated version of all cellular therapies.

Its special functions are,

1) Diverse Autologous Cell Therapies - ADSC, PRP, PRF, Fat Washing

2) Large Capacity  - 800cc adipose tissue process at one time

3) Fat ADSC Isolation Time - 50 min

4) No Contamination - 100% Closed System

5) Lowest Consumable Price

6) Compactest Design

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