Thursday, November 14, 2013

PRP Activator

PRP Activator
PRP activator is the world's first small handheld device that uses capillary stress to activate platelets without the use of chemical substance. This allows the release of many different Growth Factors and Cytokines that multiply greatly through activation and accelerate the healing process.
★Safe and Effective Activation
★World's First Chemical Free Activator
To this day, activation of platelets have been processed with the use of chemicals such as Calcium Chloride, Thrombin, ADP, Collagen, Peptide, and etc. Activation using chemcial substances promotes the risks of blood clooting, allergic reactions and other severe side effects.
PRP activator uses capillary stress to activate Platelets, so it allows 100% full autologous procedure which guarantees the most safe activation possible.
★Accelerate Wound Healing and Regenerating Results Due to Activation of Platelets and High Increase in Growth Factors

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