Wednesday, June 12, 2013

e+ PRP

e+ PRP

e+ PRP is a kit that can extract concentrated platelets and control the amount of plasma.

*What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy?
Platelet is one of the blood elements that usually flows along the blood stream as an inactivated form. But when it is activated by wounds or damages of tissues, it performs its original functions of blood clotting, and wound healing. A method that maximizes these abilities by concentrating the platelets and applying it to treatments is called PRP therapy.
Since there are a lot of Growth Factors in platelets, PRP can be used for various types of treatments by triggering cellular proliferation, collagen production, hyaluronic acid production, epidermal cell growth, angiogenesis, and etc.

*The reason why you must use e+ PRP
Ideal PRP should have maximum amount of Platelets and minimum amount of Plasma and RBCs. With e+ PRP kit, users can extract only the buffy coat layer with the amount of PPP that they want without any RBCs. 

*Special features of e+ PRP
- Compatible with any centrifuges 
- Easy separation with only one kit 

- Separation/isolation can be done with only one time of centrifugation 
- Closed system = No air contamination possibility 
- Highly concentrated Platelets (12-17 times more) 
- Can control the volume of Plasma according to the treatment plan 

***e+ PRP fits UNiStation, the most advanced adipose-derived stem cell isolation device of NeoGenesis, so the users do not have to purchase additional tube racks. UNiStation can perform not only SVF extraction, but also PPP, PRF, and Fat washing processes.***

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  1. PRP therapy is absolutely safe and simple to undergo as compared to other cosmetic procedures as a matter of fact it uses patient’s own blood to create PRP injections. This can be done same day and entire process just takes anywhere from 15-20 minutes. Furthermore, this is risk free unlike surgical operations where a patient undergoes a knife, takes pain with many repeated seatings. In PRP, one injection shows visible results but some may have to go for repeated procedure after every 4-6 weeks. Many of you have a question that stem cell therapies are FDA approved? Absolutely yes, stem cell therapies are legal and it is done under the careful guidance of medical professional. Also, the FDA is working to approve stem cells for newer applications.

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