Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beta Scaffold Mask

Beta Scaffold Mask

*Beta Scaffold Mask is made of 100% activated Beta-glucan Hydrogel

*Beta Scaffold Mask provides cooling & moisturizing effect, and regeneration & elasticity of skin.

*Beta Scaffold Mask can stay cool for two hours even if it is not refrigerated.

Beta-glucan is the general term for the polysaccharides that are polymerized by chemical combination of  β-1,3, and Beta-glucan can be found in the cell walls of algae, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and plants.

*β-1,3-D glucan in FDA classification
β-glucan is a safe and potent nutritional supplement
β-glucan is generally recognized as safe (category GRAS)
β-glucan is has no known toxicity or side effects
β-1,3-glucan is a primary immune activator

* Special Features of Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask?

Outstanding Cooling Effects
Beta Scaffold Mask has outstanding cooling effects that it can stay cool for two hours even if it is not refrigerated.

Various Ways of Application
Beta Scaffold Mask can be applied in various fields due to enough gel rigidity, thus, it satisfies the needs of customers.

Excellent Adhesion
Beta Scaffold Mask shows a strong adhesion as it has condensed essence, softness, and elasticity.


Beta Scaffold Mask is free of skin irritation since it does not contain any artificial supports, but only uses natural hydrogel. Also, Beta Scaffold Mask has a clear appearance, even on the cut-off edges.

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