Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beta Serum

Beta Serum 
A Smart Multi-Care From the Nature

Beta-glucan is a natural polymer produced by the fungus, Schizophyllum commune, which naturally grows in wide areas. It is well-known to boost epidermal cell growth factor which helps collagen synthesizing and skin elasticity. 

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Beta-glucan is a substance which exists in the cell of mushroom, grain, and leavening. It is well-known to boost the immune system and the reconstruction of the skin, and to prevent skin damage, infection, and irritation.

Beta-glucan has been widely used in various areas, such as cosmetics, food, and even medicine. Beta-glucan is a great way to regenerate your skin as it is capable of keeping moisture 20 times more than hyaluronic acid.

Beta Serum is highly-concentrated beta-glucan. Beta Serum works excellent especially in anti-inflammatory, soothing, and moisturizing of the skin. Beta Serum will help you restore soft, smooth, and young skin.

* Beta Serum is based on beta-glucan complex

How To Use Beta Serum

1. After washing your face, apply Beta Serum on your face and gently tap the skin with your fingers until Beta Serum is absorbed. 

2. Start with a small amount Beta Serum, and gradually increase the amount.

3. Apply Beta Serum daily both in the morning and in the night. It is also convenient to use Beta Serum before the make-up as Beta Serum is absorbed quickly into your skin simply by finger-tapping.

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